The following Alabama phonebanks allow you to contact African American voters in urban Alabama as well as the rural Black Belt. Click the phonebank link and then login with your ActionID or create an ActionID.

JUST ADDED: Houston County, Dale County, Autauga County
Walton Park 221 

Wiregrass Park 371

Dale County
Precinct 0100

Autauga County
Precinct 0160




Black Belt 

Pickens County

Precinct 2200 (NEW)

 Perry County

Precinct 0011 - ( National Guard Armory 114 MLK Memorial Parkway, Marion)

Precinct 0051 (270 LUICAN ST, Uniontown, AL) 

Lowndes County

Precinct 0041

Precinct 0061

Precinct 0121 

Dallas County (Selma and neighboring areas)  

Precinct 0501 Tipton

Precinct 9343 - Woodrow Fire

Precinct 9182 - Eastend

Precinct 9521 - Cahaba Fire 

Marengo County  

Precinct 0102

Urban Alabama


Belk Activity Center

Bobby Miller Activity Center

McDonald Hughes Community Center

New Life Baptist Church

Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church


Jefferson County (Birmingham area)

Precinct 1010 - OUR LADY OF LOURDES CATHOLIC CHURCH, 980 Huffman Road, Birmingham (NEW)

Precinct 1020 - TOM BRADFORD Park, 1701 Edwards Lake Road, Birmingham (NEW)

Precinct 1060 Center Point - Sun Valley Elementary School - 1010 18th Avenue (NEW)

Birmingham - Precinct 2010

Huntsville Oakwood University Church 


Here are the Mobile phonebanks; these include African American as well as Latino voters.


Mobile - Figures Rec Center

Mobile - Toulminville Library

Mobile - University of Christ Church

Mobile - Carver Campus Bishop Street

Mobile - St. John's Episcopal Church

016 - Collins Rhodes Elementary School

025 - Hope Chapel AMEZ

028 - Moffet Road AOG

029 - Forest Hill Elementary

033 - Sunlight Auditorium


Houston County
Walton Park 221

Baldwin County (NEW)

Precinct 0035

Barbour County (NEW)

Precinct 0053a

Precinct 0054a


Baldwin County (NEW)

Precinct 0035

Barbour County (NEW)

Precinct 0053a

Precinct 0054a


Butler County

Precinct 0123 (NEW)

Calhoun County (NEW)
Precinct 1501 (NEW)

Chambers County (NEW)
Precinct 0014

Shelby County (NEW)

Precinct 34 (NEW)

Precinct 35 (NEW)

Baldwin County (NEW)

Precinct 0035

Barbour County (NEW)

Precinct 0053a

Precinct 0054a

Etowah County

Carver Community Center

East Gadsden Recreation Center

Wallace Hall at GSCC 

Russell County

Precinct 0501

Talledega County

Precinct 0701

Precinct 1101

Lee County

Beat 2,Box 1

Beat 2 Box 2

Beat 6 Box 2

Beat 14

Escambia County

Precinct 0030

Precinct 0310

Elmore County

Precinct 0231