During the campaign to stop the TPP, many important issues are being debated, notably, climate change and environmental degradation, rationed health care for least developed countries, job losses and wage reductions, land grabs and displacement of indigenous peoples and cultures, and limited internet access.

Probably the most destructive characteristic of corporate globalization is the devastating impact it has on democracy, the process whereby people decide what is best for their families and communities based on their collective interests and the common good, rather than the interests of corporations, where decisions are made strictly to enhance profits.

Our next speaker, David Korten, is uniquely qualified to take us on an historical journey, from the launch of the International Forum on Globalization in 1994, the research and analysis that became his 1995 international best seller, When Corporations Rule the World, to the Seattle WTO protests of November, 1999, and the growing popular resistance.While the resistance was silenced and fractured after 9/11 and civil liberties were rolled back, the movement did not die. We look forward to hearing more about this history, the current state of our corporatocracy, as evidenced by the destructive TPP, and a new narrative with real-world alternatives to economic globalization.

February 28, 2016 at 7:30pm - 9pm
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Andrea Miller ·

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