TPP Threats to Communities of Color


We know that the Trans-Pacific Partnership will result in shipping American jobs overseas, pressing wages down on remaining jobs and increasing our trade deficit.

Supporters of the TPP claim that it will benefit communities of color, providing new opportunities for economic success. But the truth is that neoliberal trade, with rules written by and for corporations, has been more harmful than helpful for communities of color. The cities hit hardest by trade this century have been heavily Latino—San Jose, Los Angeles and San Diego, and Black--Chicago and Milwaukee.

In our trading partner countries, including Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador, exploitive sweatshop jobs are common, but promised middle class jobs have never materialized. Smaller farmers have been pushed off their land. Many come to the U.S. seeking work only to find employers ready to exploit and abuse migrant workers.

The TPP’s rules are a set up for more of the same-increasing inequality and skewed benefits that make it much harder to rise up, instead of creating new avenues for economic stability.

The Trade Justice Alliance team is honored to present William Spriggs, PH.D., Chief Economist, AFL-CIO, on the expected impacts of the TPP on communities of color;

Also with us will be Guillermo Perez, on the Board of the Labor Committee for Latin American Advancement, and with the Education and Membership Department of the United Steelworkers, speaking about the impacts of free trade on immigration and the creation of low-wage work;

Also, expect to hear from other members of the Trade Justice Alliance team.

March 06, 2016 at 7:30pm - 10:30pm
Your phone and computer: Phone: (605) 562-3140 Access Code: 951146#
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