Meet TPP Champion Tim Canova

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TimCanova.jpgThe campaign against the TPP has been a long difficult battle, through a mid-term election season, a disappointing fast track vote last June, and more recently, a high-anxiety primary marked by acrimony from all points on the political spectrum, with all presidential candidates, at least expressing opposition to the current iteration of the TPP.

The most intense battle is in front of us though, as we work to pressure our reps to oppose the god-awful Lame Duck vote or beyond. Which is why we simply must choose representatives that are committed to constituent need rather than corporate greed.

There is no more critical litmus test for worthiness to govern than whether a candidate supports or opposes the job and democracy-killing TPP.

Among a handful of shining examples for social, economic, and environmental justice stands Tim Canova who has opposed the TPP and TTIP before most of us had even heard about them. He allied with Labor in a protracted battle to try to persuade Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to vote no on fast track, and to get her to change her position on the TPP, and when that didn't work, he decided to run against her in South Florida's contested, district 23. We greatly applaud him for his efforts!

People Demanding Action is pleased to host a discussion with progressive champion, and primary challenger to Wasserman-Schultz, Tim Canova.

Not only has he opposed TPP, but Tim has also strongly opposed the private prison industry and mass-criminalization, fracking, the predatory lending industry, and he supports the expansion of Social Security-all in stark contrast to his opponent.

Please join our conference call to meet the South Florida progressive and learn why he decided to run, why he opposes the TPP, and why we need him in Congress.

August 17, 2016 at 8pm - 9pm
Your phone and computer: (605) 562-3140 Access: 781761#
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