National Healthcare Human Right Call - May


Call Time: 6:00 PM PT, 7:00 PM MT, 8:00 PM CT, 9:00 PM ET
Conference Call Number: (712) 770-4160     
Access Code: 733525#


  1. The Zombie Trumpublican plan, what's next in their grab bag of social and economic atrocities 
  2. Reports on April 8th day of action
  3. Update on flood of new cosponsors for HR676 and news on Bernie-care.
  4. Update on fight for #HealthcareJustice in the states, CA #SB562, NY, etc.
  5. PDAction and PDAmerica efforts with our coalition partners for all of the above.
  6. Sign the Medicare for All petition
May 10, 2017 at 9pm - 10:30pm
Your Phone and your computer: (712) 770-4160 Access Code: 733525#
Dr. Bill Honigman and Kurt Bateman ·

Will you come?