National End Corporate Rule Call - May

9:00pm Eastern, 8:00 pm Central, 7:00pm Mountain, 6:00pm Pacific
712-770-4160 PIN: 754227#
End Corporate Rule Team Agenda
May 24, 2017
Jann Campbell and Stephen Spitz (co-chairs)


I     Introductions/Mission Statement/On Tyranny and How End Corporate Rule Fights It- Jann Campbell
II.   Social Security:  New Media Fightback  and Campaign Against Tricks to Defund Social Security -Andrea Miller, Jann 
      Social Security Works is sponsoring The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow on Monday @ 9:30pm EST on Free Speech TV
      Robert Eskow is a former senior writer for Bernie Watch online
    -Senate visits to raise the issue
III.    Trumpublican Care worse than ever heads to the Senate-  Next step -Jann Campbell, Group
           - Results of our Senate visits, 
           - What the new CBO means
IV.   Peoples' Budget-Andrea Miller - Sign the Petition to Become a Citizen Cosponsor
V.   Good news on prescription drugs bills/Medicare for All - Jann Campbell Sign the Petition
   - They have been combined into HR 1776 Rep. Jan Schakowsky, S 771 Senator Al Franken- Stephen Spitz
   - Medicare for All (Federal and State Update) Dr. Bill Honigman
VI.    Upcoming conferences
        -The Peoples' Summit Chicago (with a super star cast) June 9-11 Email ASAP
        -Move to Amend  Democracy Convention  August 2-6 Minneapolis: Register ASAP@ democracy
VII.   Deglorification of Confederacy making Progress
               Movement in renaming of JEB Stuart High in Virginia- Stephen Spitz
VIII.   Restore Democracy Resolution H Res 343 by Rep. Nolan (MN08) fights against Citizens United, for voting rights and more.    Requested by National Association of Letter Carrier allies   
IX.     Announcements/Urgent Matters/Next Call-Jann
       NEXT CALL: WEDNESDAY, June 28

Current Petitions
Upcoming Webinars
Understanding the People's Budget - May 25th @ 9pm Eastern
Understanding The People's Budget - May 30th @ 1pm Eastern


May 24, 2017 at 9pm - 10:30pm
Your phone and computer: Phone: (712) 770-4160 Access Code: 754227#
Stephen Spitz and Jann Campbell ·
Jann Campbell

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