Free Trade v Family Farms - National TPP Call


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Now that the TPP text has been released and many groups have had an opportunity to read it, one thing is certain: The TPP is bad news for the planet and the people, much worse than what we've been told.  Joining us on this Sunday's call will be family farm speakers from the U.S. and Colombia to give perspectives on the damage free trade deals have done to farmers, globally, while the 1% have realized obscene profits.  After all, that's what these deals are all about, investments and deregulation of the global economy.  The released texts prove it.

We will also get the raw, unvarnished truth from Public Citizen and AFL-CIO--What exactly is in the TPP?   And what we must do to stop it.  

Join the National TPP Team for an urgent discussion about how TPP would impact food sovereignty and safety, and also jobs, with John E. Peck, Executive Director, Family Farm Defenders and Oscar Gutierrez, Director Nacional Dignidad Agropecuaria por la soberanía alimentaria de Colombia ( National Executive Director of Dignity in Agriculture, working for food sovereignty for Colombia).  Mr. Gutierrez will address the continuing detrimental impacts of the U.S. Colombia Free Trade Agreement on agricultural workers in Colombia.

Also with us will be the coalition partners reporting on the current state of Congress when it comes to the unpopular coming vote.

Emilianne Slaydon, TPP Media March, will update us on the TPP Tuesday Twitter Storm

Adam Weissman, TradeJustice NY Metro, will update us on coming events

Mackenzie McDonald Wilkins, Popular Resistance / Flush the TPP will fill us in on the imminent D.C. Days of Action

We look forward to having you join us,

November 08, 2015 at 7:30pm - 9pm
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