Bill McKibben and Ilana Solomon Join National TPP Call


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Feb 4th in New Zealand, the TPP will be signed by ministers of 12 Pacific Rim Countries, but we can and must stop this deal right here in the U.S. Congress.A great way to publicize our disagreement that Corporations should rule the world (as they are doing now) is through holding TPP is Betrayal events on Feb 4th.

Many would agree that the investment chapters in TPP / TTIP / NAFTA are the biggest reasons why these deals must be stopped, because they enable corporations invested in fossil fuel development to continue drilling, fracking, and piping tar sands in order that their investments are legally protected, is exactly what is wrong with these agreements.Why should a foreign corporation like TransCanada be given the legal means to sue the United States under Chapter 11 of NAFTA because President Obama decided to listen to science and halt the Keystone XL Pipeline?And why should foreign investors take precedence over fracking bans already in place in the U.S.? Our special guests on this Sunday’s TPP Team Call are very qualified to answer these burning question.

Please Welcome Bill McKibben, a founder of, the first planet-wide, grassroots climate change movement, and also spearheaded the resistance to the Keystone Pipeline, and launched the fast-growing fossil fuel divestment movement.

Also joining us is Ilana Solomon, Director of the Sierra Club’s Responsible Trade Program, and outspoken critic of TPP / TTIP and their implications on people and the planet.

Also, joining us will be Dr. Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance, to discuss the Feb 4th TPP is Betrayal Days of Action;

Emilianne Slaydon, TPP Media March, will discuss this week’s Twitter Storm;

Andrea Miller, Executive Director, People Demanding Action, will moderate the call

January 31, 2016 at 7:30pm - 9pm
Your phone and computer: Phone: (605) 562-3140 Access Code: 951146#
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